Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

We just moved into our new house in Bryant-Ravenna. It's a really cool neighborhood and we can walk to a couple of cool restaurants and bars. Glad to be closer to the city again.

Anyway, this year Halloween was exceptionally warm. Leila is now 4 and she is really into Halloween. She didn't quite get it last year and the year before she had to stay home with Melissa.

Now she is old enough and she went trick or treating with much enthusiasm. Watson is mid-stride, loving it and cashing in big time on the candy.
Milo is probably on his last legs and I assume next year he will only go out by himself to see if he can run into any girls or something.

Some pics:

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Rima said...

Wow eure neighbourhood sieht aber wirklich sehr schoen aus!!