Thursday, September 22, 2016

The goat

Leilani's nuts. There are four members in her family. 

One is a goat. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leila said...

We've been observing for a while that Leila has obsessions. An obsession usually last a month or two and gets replaced by a new obsession.

That last obsession was the accents, lead by ß, but also all French accents.

I think we may be seeing the rise of a new obsession. It's:

"Wätßön die Ziege".

The weird spelling of Watsons name is still a remnant of the last obsession.

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to visit a place where they make goat cheese. Well as part of the farm you could go and see the animals. One of the goats was white and polkadot black. It was sweet and came up and I scratched its head. Leila was a bit freaked out.

I said: "Das ist Wätßön die Ziege."

Joking of course because I thought the goat was sweet like Watson is.
Now Leila won't stop talking about Wätßön die Ziege. She says "bahahahaha" (the noise goats make). At the market, they had goat cheese for sale. Leila asked if it was from Wätßön die Ziege. They also have that Salt Sprint Island goat cheese in the supermarket here (it's very unique with flowers embedded).

At the market we bought flowers and Watson carried them.
Leila said:"How can he carry those with hooves?"
Or we went to listen to the band play, and I gave Leila a dollar to give to the band
Leila said:"Make the goat do it!"

It's pretty crazy and hilarious.

Leila Watson Papa Tag

Heute war mal wieder die Gelegenheit ein bißchen Leila Watson Papa Tag zu machen. Milo ist zu Magic und wir haben uns in Ballard ein rumgetrieben. Da war Markt, wir haben uns den Salmon Run in den Locks angeschaut, und es war schön sonnig!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Salt Spring Island and Victoria!

Some pics from the Labor Day trip to salt spring island and Victoria BC:

Leila latest obsessions

After the "ß" Leila was into all the accents. German and French.

I made up "Āußü", the father of Leilä, Wätßön, and Milö. Leila now always calls me Āußü. Āußü made up all of the Umlaute of course.

Then she got into all of the accents. She sings the alphabet in French, and adds on enumerating all of the accents, like á à â, é è ê ë, etc. ending in of course ç.

Now that obsession is coming to a slow close and the latest one is:

Daddy is so cute.

We were at salt spring island and Leila had ordered a pirate ship with chicken strips. She wasn't eating a chicken strip. So I ripped a small piece of and Leila noticed it.

Leila (angry): "Who bit a piece off of my chicken strip?"
Me: "Das war ich. Ich habe nur ein kleines Stück abgerissen."
Leila (all calm and worried):"Aaw, of course it's ok if you take a bite, you are so cute."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Leila said

Leila:"mom I just want to live in my own place."
Melissa:"it is expensive to live in your own place."
LeilA:"but the tooth fairy brings me money sometimes! I have six dollars!"

Léïlà said

Ich:"Milo, willst du moneyball gucken ?"
Léïlà:"Milo say no!"
Léïlà:"because he is my dad!"
Milo:"but he is my dad too!"
Leila:"no, you are just visiting!"