Friday, March 10, 2017


This Goat obsession is really getting to everyone. She counts off the goat names that were up for adoption around Christmas time at New Moon Farm:

Also note this whole thing about "Niemand wollte eine Ziege adoptieren" is pretend empathy she says. When she says it, she has to laugh behind her hands.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Leila said

Leila is growing a fit about going to bed. She doesn't want to and instead wants to look up mine craft on YouTube. General screaming. 

Melissa:"you know what happens next?" - insinuating it's bed time.
Leila "you die!"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Leila obsessions

Leila has obsessions. She really gets into things. I mean really hard gets into things and she will incessantly talk about nothing else all the time.

The last obsession (also documented here) was the German Umlaute and French accents (the ßuß story being the epitome of that line of obsessing).

The latest obsession started fairly innocuously: we went to the goat cheese farm on Salt Spring Island. They had a cute farm attached to the goat cheese factory that you could tour. One of the cages had goats in it. There was one particularly adorable goat that would come up to me and want me to pet it. I pet its head. Leila was watching with concern. She didn't want to pet the goat. I kept petting it. I said "This goat is called Wätßön" just for fun because at that time Umlaute were still Leila's obsession.
She really didn't say anything more about the event. She didn't really talk about it until we got back and more and more starting talking about goats and was wondering aloud whether or not Wätßön missed us.
It got bad (there is a post on this below) when we went to the farmer's market and she began to pretend Watson was a goat.
We're now at the point where we have to look up pugetsoundgoatrescue and newmoonfarm every day to check if goats have been adopted.
We also talk about this sad story if goats aren't adopted for a while "keiner will eine Ziege adoptieren." and Leila looks very sad.

She also makes me pronounce the goat names in German. Her favorite right now is "Walter" and she keep saying that name in German.

Milo and I went to Crystal for the first time!

We went to Crystal and Milo actually ripped it up in the backcountry, like we've been saying for such a long time!

I made him get into the picture (which we took at the beginning of the day). Because if I hadn't gotten him in the picture and he would have died that day in the backcountry, there wouldn't even be any photographic evidence! That convinced him to get into the pic.

Wonderful weather and great snow!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The goat

Leilani's nuts. There are four members in her family. 

One is a goat. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leila said...

We've been observing for a while that Leila has obsessions. An obsession usually last a month or two and gets replaced by a new obsession.

That last obsession was the accents, lead by ß, but also all French accents.

I think we may be seeing the rise of a new obsession. It's:

"Wätßön die Ziege".

The weird spelling of Watsons name is still a remnant of the last obsession.

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to visit a place where they make goat cheese. Well as part of the farm you could go and see the animals. One of the goats was white and polkadot black. It was sweet and came up and I scratched its head. Leila was a bit freaked out.

I said: "Das ist Wätßön die Ziege."

Joking of course because I thought the goat was sweet like Watson is.
Now Leila won't stop talking about Wätßön die Ziege. She says "bahahahaha" (the noise goats make). At the market, they had goat cheese for sale. Leila asked if it was from Wätßön die Ziege. They also have that Salt Sprint Island goat cheese in the supermarket here (it's very unique with flowers embedded).

At the market we bought flowers and Watson carried them.
Leila said:"How can he carry those with hooves?"
Or we went to listen to the band play, and I gave Leila a dollar to give to the band
Leila said:"Make the goat do it!"

It's pretty crazy and hilarious.