Sunday, August 7, 2016

Leila said

Leila:"mom I just want to live in my own place."
Melissa:"it is expensive to live in your own place."
LeilA:"but the tooth fairy brings me money sometimes! I have six dollars!"

Léïlà said

Ich:"Milo, willst du moneyball gucken ?"
Léïlà:"Milo say no!"
Léïlà:"because he is my dad!"
Milo:"but he is my dad too!"
Leila:"no, you are just visiting!"

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The various obsessions Leila has gone through

Watson and I were discussing all the crazy obsessions Leila has gone through. There certainly are a number of crazy obsessions, and she is certainly obsessive.

So let's see. The first I can remember:

She was obsessed with my nose. Trying to rip it off and pretend it's her thumb squeezed between her fingers. There was a time when I regularly had a scratched up or punched up nose from Leila operating in obsessive mode.

"Papa, warum hast du eine Nase?"

"Papa, wie alt ist Deine Nase?"

The first question led to another obsession, the Papa, Papa, Papa obsession.

She always asked why I have a nose. to which I answer:

me:"weil ich ein papa bin."
Leila:"Warum hast du papa gesagt?"
me:"weil papas manchmal papa sagen?"
Leila:"Warum sagen Papas papa?"
me:"Weil papa, papa, papa"
Leila:"Warum hast du weil papa, papa, papa gesagt?"

and this would go on forever, I would add more "papa, papa, papa" and Leila would try to repeat the number of papa's I said.

Milo has spikes. Watson has poof spikes. I have a "spikey bart!" she would touch my face and exclaim "Spikey bart!"
She also walks up to the boys and tries to touch the hair. She sometimes calls watson simply "poof" because when his hair grows out it looks a bit poofy.

Winy voice
She loves to use the winy voice. She sometimes calls it "Seed mouth" at makes her mouth into the shape of a seed.

Multi colored Carrots
I came home from work with multi colored carrots one time. I offered one to her and said "willst du beißen?"
She flipped out half intrigued half grossed out by the purple carrots. For many months she said "willst du beißen". I made up stories about the multi colored carrot dude.

Scharfes es (ß)
the latest obsession.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Leila now has an obsession with ß. Really all German special characters. But especially ß.

She goes around talking about the "sharp S"all day. It never seems to stop.

She also asks me who invented the sharp S, and at first her relationship with the letter was definitely on the contentious side. She has a "no ß" sign (think ghostbusters style) that she drew on my office wall. That was two weeks ago. Now ß is her favorite letter and she hates "ss".

Who did invent the sharp S? Well, this is where the story comes in. It was ßuß. ßuß lived 700 years ago in Germany. He lead a pretty ordinary life as a farmer. He had a 6 year old daughter that he adored.

ßuß's life life seemed to move along at a steady pace.Not much unusual in his life besides tending to the farm, working hard, and making a living for his family. This is where we have to switch to German.

Morgens, hat ßuß sich einen heißen Kaffee gemacht. Bevor er zur Arbeit ging, hat er seiner Tochter eine Kuß gegeben. Er hat fleißig auf dem Feld gearbeitet. Er hat so hart gearbeitet, daß sein Hemd von Schweiß naß wurde. Er fuhr mit seinem Fahrrad auf einer Straße nach Hause, trank eine Maß Bier und ging ins Bett.

Apparently ßuß turned this story into a book that became a best seller throughout the lands. But, at the time, there was no ß. He had to use regular s's. And as his story became popular, and as he traveled the lands at coffee shops and bookstores to give readings, well, he heard people mispronounce the words! How could they know without the ß, the real proper pronunciation?

This made ßuß mad. Unusually mad. So much so, that he turned vigilante. He put on a mask, a hat (to keep his identity secret and to protect his daughter), pulled out a sharp sword and went to all readings of his book, and with his sharp sword, he cut out the "s"'s of the book to replace them with sharp s's (ß). And that's how the letter became known as the sharp s. The sharp sword did it. The legend of ßuß continues to this day, when people mispronounce ß, you may hear the swoosh of his sword rolling off your tongue.

Here is a picture of ßuß:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Leila says

I have to capture here though I can't find any videos some of the funny stuff Leila still says.

One of the favorites these days is "willst du beissen". It all started out when i brought home a bag of multi colored carrots from Trader Joe's one day around January 2016.

I was actually biking there and thought what could I bring home? So I looked around the store and the multi colored carrots looked really cool and new, and I thought the kids would love them because they are colored and not just boring orange. I ride my bike home and unpack the stuff and pull a purple one out to eat.
I see Leila sitting in a chair, so I walk over, stick it in her direction and ask "willst du beissen?". She got really quiet and I think she was grossed out because it looked so different. She ran off and I thought nothing of it.

Now she comes up to me and asks me "Warum hast du 'willst du beissen' gesagt?" and she is so freaked out about willst du beissen. She even singsongs "willst du willst du willst du beissen beissen beissen".

I've made up a "Multicolor carrot dude" set of stories where I talk about how the multi colored carrot dude is the purple carrot and he is the boss of the pack and their goal is to be eaten by the little girl.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Milo's Birthday - also Watson Leila Papa Tag

It was Milo's birthday yesterday, and Milo wanted to go to some Magic event in Balllard, so I took the other kids For a long walk to Cowen park and we took secret pathways and played tag hide and seek.

Leila has become an excellent hiker/walker at this point!


Some pics:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Orcas Island 2015

Orcas Island this year was once again awesome. Last trip for the Camper Van - we just sold it.

Great sunshine, a wonderful Ska band with horn section that played "Valerie" - that was wonderful. Solstice quirky as usual. Awesome views from Mount Constitution.

We also did a hike on the westside of the island, something we'd never done before that presented wonderful views of the patchy islands in the straight of San Juan de Fuca.