Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oktoberfest Berghaus 2013

After our work party on August 23rd, the idea was born to have another camp trip before the year is over. The problem with camping in the Fall is that you just can't count on the weather. It also gets dark sooner so the time at the camp fire just isn't as magical as in the summer when we stay up late and tell scary stories.

So the idea was to remedy that by staying at the Berghaus and there, it's quite plausible to stay up outside with even less then summery weather and then later retreat to the dormitories.

After some brainstorming we thought it may be a good idea to do an Oktoberfest. Since we're all German it made total sense. Alex had purchased Dirndls the women/grils could wear. The guys could wear Lederhos'n. We'd make real German food. we'd go for a hike.

Oh, and the coolest thing was that we found out about the Goldmeyr hotsprings, which is a 9 mile drive and 5 mile hike into the cascade mountains. It's maintained by one of the "friends of" societies with a year round care taker. They only allow 20 people a day to visit, so Said had kindly organized the permits a couple of weeks in advance.

Pics below!

Me in my lederhos'n

Enjoying a cold brew on the balcony.

The mountain peaks are already beginning to be snow covered

Double rainbow!

Took the kids to hike up to the ski lift

Donauwelle courtesy Valerie

Bretz'n with home made Obatzda

The kids and I made Pretzels from scratch. They all enjoyed rolling and folding the dough.
As you can see some of the Pretzels are really rolls from the littler ones.

All the delicious German food!

Ein Prosit der Gem├╝tlichkeit!

Off to Golfmeyr!

Crystal clear water

The caretaker's office

Amazing pools at different temperatures

That cave goes back about 7 meters, awesomest hottub ever!

Time to chill.

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Rima said...

Die springs sehen toll aus! Da will Ich auch mal hin. Ist das Wasser auch echt warm? Wieso seid Ihr als Bayern verkleidet?